Tony Gagliano Memorial Cruising Trophy

The Tony Gagliano Memorial Cruising Trophy was established in honor of the late Tony Gagliano, who was an avid cruiser, friend, and long-time Hudson Cove Yacht Club member. 

The contest, including a sailing and powerboat winner, is for the longest nautical number of miles cruised. 

Record the number of nautical miles cruised, dates, and departing, and arriving ports on the contest log sheet. Click for the log.

A cruising segment must be between two different points. Day sails or motors ending back at the same port do not count towards your cruising total. (It's just fun)

Sorry Sailors, additional miles tacked do not count toward the total nautical miles. 

Contest time frame: Memorial Day through September 30th. 

Submit your entry to the Commodore by December 31st for 2022. Didn't cruise that far this year? Submit your mileage to the total miles logged by the club! 

It's that simple! Winners and a total number of miles will be announced at the January 2023 General Membership Meeting. 

Disclaimers-Winners will be determined at the sole discretion of the Cruising Fleet Captain. (We understand he likes rum) Disputes, discrepancies, rule changes, and/or clarifications may or may not be taken into consideration. Cheating will be dealt with in the harshest of fashions. Punishment may include but is not limited to public flogging, keeling hulling, and time-outs.


Memorial Day Weekend

The cruising plans include overnight on the hook in Haverstraw Bay on Saturday. BYO cocktails and dinner will be hosted on a combined rafting of Perfect Sunset. Bring your dingy for transportation to and from the party and to lend a hand for those who are"dingyless".  Festivities will conclude with a potluck supper in the horseshoe pit picnic area by the Marina flag pole Sunday evening.

July 4th Weekend

It is a common tradition for the club to cruise to the Raritan Bay and moor at the Keyport Yacht Club. If you have never sailed through the New York Harbor, past the Statute of Liberty and under the Verrazano Bridge, this is your year! Club members who are aspiring cruisers as well as non members are encouraged to join the fleet and travel as a group to this great sailing and partying venue. 


Cruise Up The Hudson

Travel up the Hudson River for a weekend cruise with "West Wind" in their annual trek to points north. Stopping at our associated yacht clubs and getting a special welcome as cruisers from Hudson Cove. Don't miss the breath taking views of the upper Hudson, including the Bear Mountain Bridge and West Point. 

Long Island Sound and Beyond

Adventures to the Long Island Sound and beyond will be going on throughout the summer. Join "Cloud Spin" as we travel to Shelter and Block Island this year. If you are planning your vacation and want to be in touch with fellow members as they travel through the infamous Hell Gate to the LI Sound, let us know for information and experiences about this often misunderstood area.