Awards & Named Events

Michael Hinchman Distinguished Service Award

Established in 2007, named for Michael Hinchman, a creative and active member of the Hudson Cove Yacht Club and its Board (Vice Commodore).

It is awarded at the Club's Annual Dinner in any given year when an HCYC individual has been nominated for his/her distinguished service, not only to the Club but to other organizations as well.  His wife, Kristi, was the first to be given the award. 

The award is a plaque with the HCYC burgee, engraved with the recipient's name, and the year along with the "Michael Hinchman Distinguished Service Award". 


Chuck Manley 2012

Nancy De Vries 2019

Eddie Frank 2021

Dan Kinsley 2022

Linda Anders 2023

Lori Joseph Award for the Club's Winner of the Regatta Race

Established in the 1980s, named for Lori Joseph, an active sailor and avid racer in the newly formed Hudson Cove Yacht Club. 

It is awarded annually at the Club's Regatta to the top winning HCYC racer in that year's Regatta. 

The award is a revolving trophy that is engraved with each captain's and boat's name. 

2023 - Drew & Susan Emmetts

Tony Gaglione Award for the Longest Cruiser for the Season

Established in the 1980s, and named for Tony Gaglione, a long-time sailor, and cruiser in the Hudson Cove Yacht Club.

It is awarded annually at the Club's January Budget Meeting to the HCYC cruiser who logged in the most cruising miles in the previous year's season. Copies of the logs must be submitted as proof. If no one submits log entries, no award is given that year. 

The award is a revolving silver bowl engraved with the winner's name and mileage. 

The contest, including a sailing and powerboat winner, is for the longest nautical number of miles cruised. 

Record the number of nautical miles cruised, dates, and departing, and arriving ports on the contest log sheet. Click for the log.

A cruising segment must be between two different points. Day sails or motors ending back at the same port do not count towards your cruising total. (It's just fun)

Sorry Sailors, additional miles tacked do not count toward the total nautical miles. 

Contest time frame: Memorial Day through September 30th. 

Submit your entry to the Commodore by December 31st for 2023. Didn't cruise that far this year? Submit your mileage to the total miles logged by the club! Winner will be announced at the January 2024 General Membership Meeting. 

              ANTHONY   J.   GAGLIANO   CRUISING   CUP

1993  -  BILL  DAY    Fast Company

1994  -  CHRIS  &  NANCY CHRISTIANSEN     Wind Dancer

1995  -  Sail     MICHAEL & CAROL ENRIQUEZ     Lady Caro

            Power    BRUCE & ALICE ULRICH     River Rat

1996  -  Sail   CHRIS  &  NANCY  CHRISTIANSEN    Wind Dancer

            Power   JON  &  BOBBIE  POTAKI     Bobbie T

1997  -  Sail    BILL  &  RUTH  DAY     Avanti

             Power    JON  &  BOBBIE  POTAKI    Bobbie T

1998  -  Sail    CHRIS  &  NANCY  CHRISTIANSEN    Wind Dancer

2006  -  Sail    STEVE  &  BARBARA  WEINERMAN    Tacks  Season

2007  -  Sail    STEVE  &  BARBARA  WEINERMAN    Tacks  Season

2008  -  Sail    DAVE  &  CHRIS  CRIPPEN     Fox  &  Vixen

2009  -  Sail    DAVE  &  CHRIS  CRIPPEN     Fox  &  Vixen

2010  -  Sail    ED FRANK     Seas The Day  3

2021  -  Sail    DREW  &  SUSAN  EMMETS     Ease Alee

2022  -  Power  MIKE  &  CINDY  BRIOTTE  Andiamo II

2023  -  Power   MIKE & CINDY BRIOTTE Andiamo II

The Merberg Hudson Cove Yacht Club Regatta

Established in 2019, the Regatta is now named for Donald and Lorraine Merberg, founding members of the Hudon Cove Yacht Club. Donald was the HCYC Treasurer on the first Board of Governors. 

The Merberg Family donates generously annually to cover the cost of our Regatta including all the engraved trophies handed to the winners. They are invited annually to the awards ceremony following the Regatta and may assist in handing out trophies if so desired. 

A banner indicating that it is the "Merberg Hudson Cove Yacht Club Regatta" is on display throughout the Regatta.