HRBYCA Reports Hudson River Anchorages North of Yonkers

Dear Members,

Government Affairs Update: VP Scott Croft:
• Anchorages north of Yonkers on the Hudson are in limbo while the local congressmen Ryan, Molinaro and Lawler have passed a bill to ban anchorages. It does not have language that will permit recreational boating or mooring fields. This is being addressed.

• The CHPE power line from Canada to NYC is under construction this spring and summer. Watch for the cable laying equipment barges and stay clear. It will continue about 7 feet below the riverbed and continues to the Harlem River and to the NYC power grid.

• Boating advocacy has succeeded in getting funds for maintaining the Erie Canal infrastructure. The state funding will encourage recreational boating, tourism, and basic navigation.
• Vessel sales tax in NY State was discussed but no change is planned at this time. It remains higher than other states in the region.
• The Marine Trades are looking for skilled technicians. Training is available.
• Invasive species including the Gobi fish and plants are a problem in the Hudson River. There is research that says to stop/slow the spread up the canals to Lake Champlain and still keep open for recreational boats.

USACE seeks comments regarding a proposed commercial barge anchorage in Thompkins Cove on the west side of the Hudson River. Please click here for the USACE announcement and details. Public